5 Main Reasons Why Composting Is Better Than Landfill

5 Main Reasons Why Composting Is Better Than Landfill

There are plenty of negatives to landfill that affects the environment and our health. It is responsible for causing health issues for humans, pollutes the atmosphere with toxic gases, pollutes the land, rivers, lakes, and water supplies. These pollutants are responsible for killing millions of wildlife every year.

We can all play our part for the environment by composting our garden and kitchen waste instead of sending it to landfill. Composting is a much better way of discarding your organic waste because of many reasons, such as turning your waste into beneficial compost (instead of dumping it), it improves the environment, is far more sustainable, it saves you money, and it saves space, etc.

Let’s now look at the five main reasons why composting is better than landfill:

1. Waste becomes beneficial compost rather than dumped into landfill

When you compost garden and food waste, (within time) it turns into a nutrient-rich compost that makes it a positive way to discard your organic waste. Compost is full of nutrients that can be added to soil and placed around your plants to boost fertility and improve growing conditions.

If you choose not to care and throw your organic waste away (instead of composting it) your waste becomes negative, rather than a positive. It can also be beneficial to recycle metal and plastic, etc, because those materials can be reused in other ways, instead of adding it to landfill.

2. Composting saves space and is a lot more sustainable

Landfills are sites that store and decompose waste. The waste can build up very fast, and the decomposition process is prolonged. The build-up of waste increases the amount of land used and increases the number of toxins being added to the environment, which is not sustainable.

When you compost your kitchen and garden waste, you decrease the amount of waste being sent to landfill. The more you recycle, the less that builds up in landfills, which is a lot more sustainable long term.

3. Saves you money when gardening

When it comes to gardening, a lot of people are too quick to go out and buy compost and fertilizers, because it is a fast fix option. If you compost your organic waste instead, you can have your supply of composted waste to garden with, which saves a lot of money on store-bought products.

You can buy a composting bin and/or a worm farm, or you can build your own, so you can turn your organic waste into compost and/or vermicompost. You can then build up a supply of compost and use it for your gardening needs. After the initial cost of the equipment needed, you then save a lot of money by not purchasing compost and fertilizer.

4. Very effective at improving the environment

Waste that you send to landfills has many negative effects on the environment, and even organic waste can add to the number of greenhouse gases being put into the air, such as methane. If you compost at home instead, there is less of these gases contributing to global warming, which is better for the environment.

When you buy chemicals for gardening, such as fertilizers, you are putting toxins into the soil. Those toxins can then be transferred to water sources, make the quality of soil poorer or infertile (within time) and are responsible for killing off wildlife. If you use your prepared compost instead of store-bought chemicals, you reduce the number of toxins being put into the soil.

5. An efficient and inexpensive way of "doing your bit" for the environment

With the ever-increasing problems, we have with the environment, like global warming and the death of wildlife. Composting is a more efficient way of negating some of these issues caused, instead of taking the easy route by sending it to landfill.

Composting can be very inexpensive because you can easily set up your compost pile if you don’t want to spend money on a commercial composting bin/tumbler. You can also build your very own worm farm and try your hand at vermicomposting. You can then do your bit for the environment without the need for spending money.


The negative impact landfill has on the environment is vast. It pollutes land, the air, water sources, damages our health, and kills off wildlife. The more we send off to the landfill, the worse it gets, which is why we need to put more emphasis on composting and recycling going forward.

When someone chooses to compost and recycle (instead of sending it off to the landfill), it does help the environment. It’s beneficial to our gardens as well as the environment in general, it saves space, saves us money gardening, and it is an effective and efficient way of protecting the environment.

If everyone composted their waste, the positive difference to the environment would be very noticeable. But the problem is, too many people are too lazy or just don’t care.

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