Are Compost Bins Worth It? (5 Reasons Why They Are)

Are Compost Bins Worth It? (5 Reasons Why They Are)

Some people ask themselves: “are compost bins worth it?” Owning a composting bin brings more benefits than you can imagine, especially if you know very little about composting. The compost bin can be used by any household, and you can benefit from them in many ways. Which is why it’s wise to invest in one.

In this article, I will explain the benefits of owning a compost bin and why they are worth purchasing:

1. Composting is easy

The laws of nature dictate that everything breaks down and decomposes over time. If you throw fruit or vegetable scraps on to the ground, it will eventually disintegrate into the soil. But with composting, you can put some effort into the process and get really fast results.

You can just casually throw organic materials into your compost pile or compost bin over time and never even bother to touch it. But if you approach composting with the casual method, it can take longer. Maybe it will take you a year to 18 months, instead of six to eight weeks. But you still end up with finished compost at the end.

If you approach composting with more care and attention, you will get far better and faster results. If you keep a nice balance of green and brown waste, keep it aerated and prevent it from getting too dry or wet, you will end up with nutrient-rich compost. The second method may sound like more effort, but it is very easy to do.

A tumbler instead of a bin will also make things easier, because you can turn the compost which helps to eliminate the need for aerating, compared to a bin.

2. Composting improves your soil

Compost improves any type of soil, for better quality and fertility. If you have sandy soil, it helps your soil retain more water, and if you have clay soil, it helps to loosen it up. Whether you have a yard with a few shrubs, or you are an active gardener, you will soon reap the benefits. The key to healthy plants is high-quality soil. So you can add your homemade compost to your soil and grow healthier plants.

3. Composting helps to make good use of organic material

Organic waste is materials that can easily be composted and reused, instead of buried in a landfill. Everyone should be doing their part to help. Why throw something into the landfill that could be reused instead? It’s like throwing away money. As you can notice today, the volume of waste that people throw is getting higher and higher.

It’s quite difficult to believe that most of the waste that goes to landfills is coming from our home, but believe it or not, that fact is true. That is why, if you are planning on having a garden, compost bins should be included in your plans. By doing so, you will experience many of the benefits of having a compost bin, and you will realize how great those benefits are too.

Compost bins have lots of benefits and rewards that you can have too when you try it for yourself. Aside from having a good source of garden fertilizer for plants, you will also be able to lessen the total volume of your kitchen and yard waste sent to disposal.

4. Owning a compost bin is beneficial to the environment

There are various advantages to composting that help the environment. When we send our waste to landfill, it can contribute to toxic gases being put into the air. But if we recycle our organic waste at home, we can turn that negative into nutrient-rich compost instead. If we use our homemade materials in our gardens, we reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, etc which means fewer toxins are put into the soil.

These same chemicals often get washed into water sources and are responsible for killing millions of wildlife every year. When we compost our waste, we attract microorganisms and flies, which then attracts birds and other wildlife, that helps the circle of life around us.

5. Composting saves you money

Are you buying expensive fertilizer every year for your lawn or garden, but throwing away all of your leaves, grass clippings and kitchen scraps? Then you’re wasting money! First, you’re wasting money with unnecessary garbage pickup costs. And second, you’re spending more money on fertilizer than you would need to if you were making your compost and using it. You can often completely stop fertilizing if you’re adding enough compost to your yard or garden because your plants won’t need it.

Even if you think you don’t have enough space at your house, you can still have a compost bin. Typically, manufacturers produce different models or types of compost bins that will suit the basic requirements of people dwelling in apartments or rental houses, where there’s not much space at all. Some people think that they don’t need to have a compost bin in their house because they don’t have a garden or any plants, but this is a not good attitude to have.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you should still have a compost bin so that all the biodegradable waste in your house can be recycled. When the compost is ready to use, but you don’t have any use for it, you can give it to your neighbors, friends and family.

Final Note

Just imagine – by simply having a compost bin at your house, your yard clippings, leaves, food scraps, paper, and fruit peels will be disposed of easily, and with benefits. These benefits are surely convincing enough to make you want to purchase one. Also, maybe you will find vermicomposting (composting with worms) interesting too. Worms can be cultivated by keeping them in a worm farm and then fed them kitchen and garden waste, turning it into vermicompost.


Compost bins are worth it because composting is easy to do, it improves the soil and helps to grow healthier plants, it turns organic waste into beneficial compost (instead of being sent to landfill), it is beneficial to the environment, and it saves you money on fertilizers, etc.

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